Drum-Set 1: Gretsch Vinnie Colaiuta Signature Set (Maple) 2002
BD: 18″x16″ und 22″x18″
SD: 14″x6,5″ and Ludwig Supra Phonic 14″x5″
or 14″x5,5″ Slingerland Radio King (1960) WMP
Toms: 10″/12″/13″ und 14″ sowie 16″ Floor Toms
Becken: Zildjian, Paiste, Ufip and Wuhan
Hardware: DW-Pedale 9000 and Sonor/Yamaha stands

Drum-Set 2:

Sonor Phonic 1978 Natur (beech)
BD: 22″x14″
SD: 14″x6,5″ Ferromangan-steel
Toms: 12″/14″/15″ and 16″ Floor Tom
Becken: Zildjian and Paiste
Hardware: DW-Pedals 5000 and Sonor

Drum-Set 3:

Sonor Signature Ebony Light (Makassar/birch) 1982
BD: 22″x18″
SD: 14″x8″
Toms: 10″/12″/13″/14″ and 15″ Floor Tom
Becken: Paiste
Hardware: Sonor and Tama




Other Instruments 

ADAMS 26″+ 29″ Kesselpauken, PREMIER T 751 Vibraphon, STUDIO 49 Glockenspiel and Xylophon,
18″+20″ Zildjian Orchesterbecken (as pairs), WUHAN and PAISTE Tamtams and Gongs + Sounds, asian temple bells, BAUER Congas, Fender RHODES stage piano 73,
ROLAND XP80 keyboard


Drummachine Yamaha RX7


Logic Pro X