Main Goals:

Drumming should be fun in the first place! Simply enjoy it. Sit down and play.

But how can you play the cool beat´s of Dr. Dre in Eminem songs or the rocking songs of AC-DC, Green Dy and Led Zeppelin or go wild with James Brown originals?

You have to get the ability to express yourself on the drums in rhythmic and melodic phrases. Also very important is the development of sound and style of the different music genres and your musical creativity. All of it should be joy and fun and you will see improvements very quickly.

Wether you’re a beginner, intermediate or a student who chose the drums for a professional career, I teach every student individually and will show consideration for your personal taste (I don´t think pizza!), but I do insist on the basic working tools for the drum-set.

These are basically playing of the snare drum and the independence with your own feet (bass drum/HiHAT machine).


You learn all the basic skills for the snare drum and the grip of the sticks(matched grip, french grip and traditional grip)!

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