About me

Life and education:

I was born in Hagen/Westfalia and raised in Schleswig-Holstein.
I moved to Hamburg in 1986 in order to study the drums (including theory and piano)
I finished my studies with a a diploma from the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Hamburg in 1995 (also for instrumental teacher).
At the same time (1991 to 1993) I was studying drum-set playing at the Yamaha music school in Hamburg.

Musical development:

I started by the age of eight to play on pots and pans around the house and in the end I got a drum-set and started to play in school bands and on sessions.
In the beginning it was Blues, Rock´n Roll and Rockmusic. As i grew older I started discovering soul, funk- and artrock and finally Jazz and Orchestramusic.

While I was studying in Hamburg, I was involved in some interesting bands and orchestras (also avant-garde and modern music). We were playing all the local clubs and famous music halls and had concerts in Berlin, Köln and the Wacken Open Air.
I also did CD-recordings, Radio-and TV-Broadcoast (NDR, PRO 7, Deutschlandfunk) and sometimes “Live on the air”.


I was part of the musical-orchestra (sub-player for 15 years) in the “Neue Flora Hamburg” and played some music with an actor in a theater.

I am teaching drums in Hamburg Altona and Blankenese/Nienstedten since 1988.
My teaching-studio is two minutes (by foot) away from the main station HH-Altona.
I also give lessons at my home-studio (mainly classical percussion).

Further education:

1987:Drumburg Hamburg:
Moeller-method with Jim Chapin
2001: Musikhoschule Bremen: Jazz-workschop (3 days)
with Billy Hart (drummer of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock)
2006: Koblenz: Extreme Drum Camp (5 days)
I was taught by David Garibaldi (Tower of Power), Joel Taylor (Alan Holdsworth)
Walfredo Reyes jr. (Santana) and Dom Famularo (Clinican)
2007: Jugendmusikschule Hamburg:
Moeller-technique and openhand playing (2 days)
by Claus Hessler (Musikhoschschule Frankfurt/Main)

My bands in Hamburg:

FLUT (fusion-band) 1990 – 1999
Panik Lindi (Udo Lindenberg Coverband) 1992 – 1998
SB-SP-Quartett (Jazz) 1998 – 2003
Supermarked (Jazz) 2003 – today
rotationE (Club-Avantgarde-Trio) 2008
GAGS (New Jazz-Avantgarde) 2009 – 2012
Galaxy Zoo (Fusion-Trio) 2010
St.Pauli Kurorchester (Ballroom-orchestra, Big-Band) 1999 – today


Classic Philharmonists Hamburg (1988 until today)
Freelancer at other orchestras:
Hamburg Camerata
Hamburg Symphonics
Local Symphonics- Orchestra Schleswig-Holstein
Musica-Viva, Bremen (seit 2005)
and many other Orchestras in Northern Germany


Phantom of the opera (1991 – 2002)
Mozart (2002 – 2003)
Titanic (2003 – 2004)
Dance of the Vampires (2004 – 2006)
Mary Poppins (ab Juli 2018)